Analyse data quickly with BigQuery Geo Viz

Google Cloud’s BigQuery has recently had a spatial upgrade and supports limited GIS capability with their visual tool, Geo Viz. 

You can now perform simple spatial queries on the data you store in BigQuery and upload points, lines and polygons to complement your existing data.

Styling the data is easy and within a few moments you can create a compelling picture from your data.

BigQuery GIS offers a quick to set up, infinitely scalable and pay-as-you go model that will be attractive to data scientists and businesses looking to make quick decisions with simple tools.

The managed service is quick to get started with, uses well known query language and supports a number of other popular languages.

Currently you can load, export, query and copy spatial data and view the results of your queries over a Google Map.

In the front end tool BigQuery Geo Viz, you can load, query and style your data and analysis so it is easily understood.


BigQuery is Google’s data warehouse and connects to all of their other cloud services. The ability to add your data in streams or batches to an existing query will mean you are always making your analysis on the latest available data.

GeoViz is useful because it allows you to rapidly form a map of your data and make sense of it.

The tool does not allow you to publish your map, but you can easily export the outputs of the query to be used in other mapping tools and GIS packages.

There are also other publicly available data sets available that can be added to BigQuery via tools like Google Dataset search.

To learn more about BigQuery GIS or BigQuery Geo Viz, get in touch with NGIS.





About the author: Sarah Butler

Sarah is the Marketing Manager at the NGIS Australia Group. The group consists of location focused companies including NGIS Australia, Winyama, Liveli and EO Data Science.

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